Training in a construction company for students, interns, graduates, contractors and immigrant investors in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The Construction Business Center in Montreal takes care of informing and training, in a practical environment, a business, student interns, new building contractors and those in search of improvement, business immigrants and property investors who want to be correctly informed in the field of construction and real estate in Quebec, establish business contacts and set up projects. This is not about traditional courses in a classroom but rather the integration in an active construction company and experience in Montreal under the direction of an engineer and general contractor with more than 25 years of experience in Quebec.

The website: WWW.WORKEXPERIENCEINCANADA.COM explains more in details this unique training formula in which candidates are integrated in a construction company in the Montreal region to gain experience and practical information, in the technical field of construction as well as in business, while making contacts in order to achieve their career or business goals.

Practical training for student interns and graduates in construction, engineering, architecture, design, marketing and sales


Practical training in business allows candidates to apply what they have learned in school or to acquire new knowledge by learning to use software or how to do things in practice in the construction business community in Quebec. The Construction Business Center in Montreal, led by Mr. Daniel Dargis, engineer and general contractor, attracts and distributes many construction, renovation, design and setting up of projects. These projects represent a rich source from which to gain experience in order to learn how to make plans with software like AutoCAD, SketchUp and Revit, as well as learning to estimate real-estate projects, promote and sell projects or to set up, manage and administer projects and construction sites.

Practical business training in construction

training internship for students engineers architects immigrant investors montreal quebec canada

For the new self-employed engineer, architect, as well as for the future general building contractor or the new immigrant investor it is essential to acquire a general unspecialized basic knowledge in order to have a global vision and a general overview of the business world of construction in Quebec. For business people and construction professionals it is not enough to be a good specialist in building design, structural calculation, mounting of projects and real-estate investment, personnel management, real-estate law, accounting and fiscal legislation in construction or sales. To set up and run a business, projects, being at the head of a construction management team in Quebec, one must still get an idea of the different departments of a construction company in Quebec, gain some general knowledge and practice and have the possibility to see an environment in action and put this basic knowledge into practice. This is offered by the Construction Business Center in Montreal for candidates aspiring to more than a certification or a degree.

The candidates of the Construction Business Center are selected for their ability to take the initiative, have the autonomy, entrepreneurial talent, facility of communication, integrity, judgement, loyalty and speed and flexibility of mind and productivity. The elite of the construction business are trained at the Construction Business Center in Montreal. These candidates are seeking success through practical achievements in the construction business community rather than through notoriety by diplomas. The Construction Business Center in Montreal brings experienced construction people in Quebec together with those in search of practical experience.

The reputation of the Construction Business Center in Montreal in practical business training

training internship in the construction industry and real-estate investment in montreal quebec canada

Between 2014 and 2015, over 180 trainees, students and business people attended the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. company to gain experience in the workplace and receive training. Students from many schools, colleges and universities in Quebec and abroad such as: Iran, France, several countries in Africa, China, Latin-America and in Western Canada came for a period of 3 weeks to 8 months to receive full-time practical experience at the Construction Business Center in Montreal of the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. company.

The executives of the Construction Business Center are continuously receiving development training in order to provide them the best practical experience possible, whether through courses in building inspection, real-estate investment, structural analysis, building design, interior design, or accounting specialized in the field of construction or Web marketing.

Practical training for immigrant real-estate investors in Montreal and Quebec

training internship for graduates students contractors and immigrant investors in montreal quebec canada

It is not always easy for new immigrant investors, not only to acquire adequate general information to make decisions, but also to establish good business contacts. That is why the Construction Business Center offers tailored and personalized training for the immigrant investor in Quebec in the field of construction and real estate. The first step is to develop a business profile of the investor and to know his goals. These may be targets such as search for land or buildings for construction and resale, the construction of condominiums, a shopping center, or to open and operate a branch for his company based abroad. After this, the steering committee of the Construction Business Center, with its expertise in the construction industry in Quebec, works as a team with the investor to establish a business plan and then gives him the means to achieve it.

This is a winning formula for training and coaching by which the immigrant investor in Quebec’s construction and real-estate sector acquires more and more autonomy while being free and advised by an experienced team of the construction industry in Quebec.

The adapted and customized business training and integration into the world of construction in Quebec of the Construction Business Center is intended for immigrant investors who have a desire to learn and work in both languages in Quebec. The Construction Business Center’s team is multilingual and comes from many countries such as: Canada, France, China, Iran, Algeria, Morocco and several countries in Africa and Latin-America. The multilingual and professional environment of the Construction Business Center of Montreal allows the investor immigrants to integrate better by finding fellow expatriate professionals from all areas of construction and with the experience and qualifications in Quebec who walk with them to better succeed in their careers or their business in Quebec.

The Construction Business Center in Montreal is a place of unique construction training for both the local entrepreneur from Quebec, as for students, graduates and trainees from among the community of engineering, architecture, design, marketing or administration or for immigrant investors in Quebec.

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